Amir Khan reveals how he had planned to beat Mayweather


ISLAMABAD: British boxer of Pakistan-origin Amir Khan has revealed a respectful conversation with America’s Floyd Mayweather and explained how he planned to defeat the 50-0 star.

Amir has been in the running to face Mayweather for years but a fight never came to fruition. He never came closer than 2014 when Mayweather snubbed him in favour of fighting Marcos Maidana.

Amir Khan

“I met Mayweather at a WBC convention in Miami back in 2018. We spoke. He was very respectful, he hugged me. We didn’t speak about the Maidana thing ever,” Amir was quoted as saying by Sky Sports News. “Mayweather is a funny character. He’s one of those type of guys who wants to pick who he fights and be the boss and be the main headline. But when I met him face to face he was a different guy.

“He said hi to me and my wife and to my team and took pictures. We never spoke about why it didn’t happen between us. He did say: ‘Amir I need a dancing partner!’ “I said: ‘Yo Floyd it’s me who’s waiting on you!’ Amir added.

Amir explained his method to inflict defeat on Mayweather: “Every fight we have a game-plan. For that fight it would have been hit and move. It would have been a game of chess. Mayweather is hit and move so I’d have boxed him at his own game. That’s the way to beat him.

“Fighters who put the pressure on him get caught themselves. I would have boxed him at his own game. The Maidanas, the Ricky Hattons tried to put him on his back foot but that’s what he wants. A good boxer is the one that would have beat Mayweather. I don’t know if I would have beaten him but I would have given it a hell of a try. As a fighter I have always had confidence in myself.”

Mayweather retired undefeated in 2017 by beating Conor McGregor in his 50th fight. Five years ago he won the richest fight of all time by outclassing long-term rival Manny Pacquiao, who remains a target for Amir.

Pacquiao, aged 41, is the WBA welterweight champion and beat the previously-undefeated Keith Thurman last year.

Asked if a fight with Pacquiao is realistic, Amir said: “It’s hard to say. Sometimes you wait around too long for fights like Manny.

“Like Mayweather you waste so much time trying to get him to sign the piece paper that guarantees the fight is happening — you waste time. I’ve almost had 40 fights now. I am going to take my time and see what options are out there.“If the Pacquiao option is there it would be great to get back in the gym to work towards that.”