Saba Qamar launches her own YouTube channel


KARACHI: After teasing for weeks, actor Saba Qamar has finally launched her YouTube channel. The first full-length video is part of a series titled Isolation.

As the name suggests, the video is a commentary of sorts on the radical shift in everyone’s lifestyle in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the video is a scripted narrative in which she’s acting as opposed to a vlog, Qamar is essentially playing a version of herself.

Saba Qamar

The video starts off with a glimpse of Qamar’s actual life before the quarantine. A quick montage of clips of Qamar enjoying with friends and family it plays in the beginning. From there on we are taken to the present scenario. The treatment has sleek shots of Qamar carrying out routine activities in isolation with a background voiceover of her asking existential questions.

One could say that it’s a journey of a person finding their true selves after eliminating all the noise. That being said, this also gives rise to certain fears, the biggest being coming face to face with one’s own hollowness.

From a technical standpoint the video seems decent enough for  web. Perhaps even a notch above vlogs of other celebrities. It is produced and written by Qamar herself with Shiraz Malik directing.

The #YouTube made it easy for anyone to decipher that the actor is the next celeb in line to launch her own channel. Team Images got in touch with Qamar just to be sure and lo and behold, she said “it’s true.”

“I’m starting my YouTube channel after a lot of deliberation,” said Saba. “It is not just a subsequent effect of isolation but really a plan to express myself through a new medium and platform. I’ve worked really hard in this industry and feel I’ve learnt a few things along the way.”

“I am not really interested in only showcasing my life or work but plan to produce, write and create work that is solely my vision. I’ve also always wanted to collaborate with new talents and young blood. This gives me a chance not only to nurture talent but learn new perspectives and skills. This gives me creative freedom and honestly a lot of excitement!”

Saba Qamar definitely has quite the range, from sketch comedy to dramas to films, including a Bollywood debut that earned her a Filmfare nomination. So what would her channel be about?

According to Qamar, “I believe in taking things slow, one step at a time. But speaking with my core team, I can tell you that you’ll see a string of Saba Qamar’s commercial activity logs and uploads on lifestyle, beauty, health and confidence with tutorials and interviews.”

“But while we go on, I long to produce short stories and films, which may be considered as ‘non-commercial’ or ‘artsy’ stuff. I hope you guys like what we may do and give me feedback along the way.”

She went on to say, “I not only want to engage with my fans but want to truly show and express my experiences and potential as a narrator and a story teller. I’m very proud to have learnt more and more and would want nothing more than my fans to also learn and grow with me. YouTube serves that purpose perfectly.”

Looks like we have some interesting content on the way. Saba follows many celebrities who have turned to YouTube, her teaser tweet being posted a day after Feroze Khan announced his own channel. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!