Tan Dhesi MP wins award from top charity


SLOUGH: Slough’s Labour MP Tan Dhesi has been named ‘newcomer MP of the year’ at Westminster by a leading charity that promotes the active participation of young people from disadvantaged and minority communities in British democracy.

The Patchwork Foundation honours MPs on an annual basis, recognising those who have worked hard to support the most disadvantaged communities through their policy making or campaigns they have supported.

MPs are chosen by the public and an independent panel of judges in a variety of categories.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

The award crosses political boundaries – Tan Dhesi was chosen by the public and an independent panel of judges for ‘promoting greater community cohesion, for championing the Sikh community and for the work he led in tackling hate crime’.

In light of Covid-19 restrictions the awards, usually announced at a Parliamentary reception, have been announced on Twitter for the first time with award winners sharing acceptance speeches via video.

In his video says: “I have fought hard to represent the underrepresented. Now more than ever we need to ensure the vulnerable have a voice.”

He expresses the hope that he may have paved the way for others to follow and pledges to call out racism wherever he sees it but declares: “Even if you did not vote for me I still send you lots of love.”

Tan Dhesi was the first turbanned Sikh to become an MP in Europe and a member of the UK’s defence select committee.