Necessary arrangement being made to bring stranded Britons from Pakistan; says Lord Tariq


LONDON: British Government is taking necessary measure to bring stranded Britons in Pakistan and FCO Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad  has said; “We will bring back over 2,500 more people from Pakistan next week as we have already helped over 7,500 who have flown with PIA. “10 charter flights – 7 from Islamabad and 3 from Lahore have been arranged”, Lord Tariq Ahmad stated.

Lord Tariq Col

Meanwhile, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab MP had announced that 7,000 more people would be able to get home from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, after a further 31 charter flights were announced by the UK Foreign Office.
The UK government has announced the following charter flights to be operated from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
According to Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO), 17 charter flights from India, which will run from April 20 to 27, similarly 10 flights from Pakistan will be running between April 21 to 27, while 4 from Bangladesh, which will run from April 21 to 27.
The FCO statement said that the UK has worked closely with South Asian governments to keep commercial flight routes running and airports open. “It has already chartered 24 flights from the region to help vulnerable British nationals return home in previous weeks”, the FCO statement said.
The statement informed that the British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab said:”We are working around the clock to get British travellers home. Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, we’ve helped more than a million British citizens return home on commercial flights – backed up by our work with the airlines and foreign governments to keep flights running”.

Dominic Raab

“Our special charter deal with the airlines has enabled us to return thousands more. Now, I can announce the next 31 flights from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which will get 7,000 more Brits safely back home”, he remarked. The addition of 31 flights will mean the UK government has facilitated the return of more than 10,000 British travellers on 55 flights from the region since the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis began. “Around 5,000 British nationals will have returned to the UK from India between 8 to 19 April on 21 UK charter flights from 11 Indian cities.
The 17 extra flights from India announced on Friday will be able to carry around 4,000 passengers, and bring the total number chartered by the UK government from India to 38.
The flights from Pakistan will bring around 2,500 people home. More than 8,000 British nationals returned to the UK between 4 to 16 April, via 23 commercial flights, following extensive cooperation between the UK and Pakistan. The statement further said that the 4 flights from Bangladesh will have the capacity to bring home up to 850 passengers 3 charter flights from Nepal have also returned more than 700 passengers to the UK.