UK Parliamentarians to submit motion on Kashmir soon, discuss issue with Imran, Masood


ISLAMABAD: A delegation of UK Parliamentarians recently visited Islamabad and held discussions with Prime Minister Imrn Khan and AJK President Sardar Masood Khan on the Kashmir and Pak-UK bilateral relations.

Imran Khan and Masood Khan lauded the role of Parliamentarians on looking after the interest of Pakistan particularly the Kashmir issue. They said that Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora especially the Pak origin Parliamentarians are playing vital role in highlighting the Kashmir issue which is source of great inspiration and satisfaction for all of us.

The British legislators assured both the personalities to continue support the Kashmir cause and said that they will present a motion in the Parliament for detailed discussion on Kashmir issue.

Meanwhile, Raja Faheem Kayani, President, Tehreek-e-Kashmir, UK and Hurrieyt leader Altaf Butt, Raja Najabat Hussain (Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jammu & Kashmir Right of Self-Determination Internationa) and Labour Councillor Yasmin Dar held separate meetings with AJK President Sardar Masood Khan and reportedly discussed with him the future strategy to highlight the Kashmir issue.

While expressing thanks to Kashmiri leaders, Sardar Masood Khan said that the Kashmir issue would be resolved a day as an outcome of these sincere efforts and the AJK Government will do its utmost to facilitate them in their efforts.