BBC reaches settlement with presenter Samira Ahmed


LONDON: Samira Ahmed and the BBC have reached a settlement after she won her equal pay claim. The corporation said it will continue to work with the “highly valued” presenter but did not reveal the settlement figure.

In January, an employment tribunal ruled that the Newswatch host should have been paid the same as fellow presenter Jeremy Vine, Evening Standard has reported.

Following the decision, Ms Ahmed said: “No woman wants to have to take action against their own employer.  “I love working for the BBC. I’m glad it’s been resolved.” On Monday, the BBC said in a statement: “Samira Ahmed and the BBC are pleased to have reached a settlement following the recent tribunal.

“Samira is a highly valued BBC presenter and now these matters have been concluded we all want to focus on the future. “We look forward to continuing to work together to make great programmes for audiences.  Neither the BBC, Samira or the NUJ will be commenting further on this case.

In last month’s hearing, employment Judge H Grewal and panel members Mr S Godecharle and Mr P Secher ruled unanimously that the BBC had failed to prove that the disparity between Ms Ahmed’s and Mr Vine’s salaries was “because of a material factor which did not involve subjecting the claimant to sex discrimination”.

Ms Ahmed was paid £465 per episode of her programme while Mr Vine received £3,000 for his. The BBC argued the two presenters were not doing similar work.

A 40-page judgment said the BBC failed to show there was a difference between the two programmes. After the decision, the BBC said Ms Ahmed “is an excellent journalist and presenter, and we regret that this case ever had to go to tribunal”.