Govt not willing to let Maryam leave country, no threat to PTI Govt; says Farogh Naseem


Nation special report

LONDON: Pakistan’s Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem has shrugged off rumours and speculations of downfall of PTI Government saying all such gossips are groundless and unfounded. “No threat to government at all and it is going in right directions and its mission is to form a neat and clean government and to eliminate corruption in all sections of life.

Talking formally to media persons at the residence of Pakistan High Commissioner here on Tuesday evening, he said that this is not correct to say that everything has now become right but all indicators tell that the government is successful and moving in right direction. “Those who are spreading rumours or speculations about downfall of the government are wrong and these elements don’t want to see a successful and neat and clean government. They also don’t want to see the end of corruption”, the federal minister added.

Farogh Naseem said that one has to analyse the circumstances in which the PTI and its allies took over the charge of the government. “Country’s economy was in bad shape and the government had to go for an IMF package to repay the old debts but now overall situation is satisfactory and under full control”, he stated.

Responding to a question, he said that MQM is very much a part of the government and has not abandoned. The IT Minister Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has given up this portfolio since Karachi is not being given enough funds to meet its requirements like construction of new and repairing old damaged roads. “MQM would not support any move to topple the government rather it stands with the government”.

In response to a question related to burning topic of discussion in Pakistan about legislation to allow public hanging, Federal Minister for Law and Justice clarified that he did not oppose the punishment of execution but went against public hanging. “I am against the public hanging as it is against the Islamic junctures and constitution of Pakistan. I shall not be in favour for any legislation against the Islam and constitution.”

Faroogh Naseem elaborated that in 1994, Pak Supreme Court gave a verdict that public hanging is against Islam and country’s constitution so if anyone wants this method of punishment, he or she has to go the apex court and request to review this decision. Clause 189 of the constitution also related to this judgement. “Until this verdict is revisited, the judgement will remain valid and quotable as a precedent. Furthermore, the National Assembly has approved a resolution and not a bill (draft of legislation).”

Replying to a question about presence of Sharif brothers in London, the federal minister said that they came out of the country not at the order of government but it is the court which allowed them to go abroad. All necessary medical documents and other process were made according to the law. “Government has to follow the advice of the courts and it is not above the law”.

There is no provision to delist the name of Maryam Nawaz from the Exit Control List (ECL). The courts are independent and sovereign and can deliver the judgement whatever laws permit. “I don’t know what the Lahore High Court will issue the verdict in case of Maryam Nawaz but if it allows her to go abroad, the Federal Cabinet will approach the Supreme Court against it”, he clarified.

When he was asked whether Pakistan Government will take the Kashmir issue to International Court of Justice, Faroogh Naseem said that Kashmir is juvenile of Pakistan and Federal Government is doing its best to highlight the Kashmir issue at all international forums but it is not possible for Islamabad to put up this imbroglio at ICJ. “This issue will be stocked at the world court only when the United Nations, its General Assembly or Security Council refer it. That means, the consent or reference of United Nations is must to discuss the Kashmir issue at the International Court of Justice otherwise not.

At a lighter note, Faroogh Naseem, a successful and renowned jurist, friendly advised the media persons especially the social media people to keep in mind the national security and avoid fake news while using this platform.