Sadiq Khan paid £150,000 in tax, rivals urged to publish their returns


LONDON: Mayor Sadiq Khan has revealed he has paid more than £150,000 in income tax as Mayor, as his rivals were challenged to disclose their own financial affairs. Mr Khan published a summary of his tax returns since 2016, which showed he had no outside earnings in addition to his City Hall salary.

He earned £149,740 in 2018-19, on which he paid £52,996 income tax and £6,620 in National Insurance. In 2017-18 he earned £146,804 and paid £52,021 tax and £6,457 in NI.  In 2016-17 he earned £130,112 as Mayor — having been elected in May 2016 — and £7,464 as MP for Tooting. He paid £48,630 in tax and £6,126 in NI. 

He stood down from Parliament on being elected Mayor. The figures have been verified by Mr Khan’s accountant.  Lib Dem candidate Siobhan Benita today pledged to publish her tax return — and said she would fund a “young mayor of London” from her City Hall salary if elected.

Conservative Shaun Bailey said: “I welcome the Mayor’s announcement and will be releasing my tax returns in due course.”