Manchester tops 10 UK car crime hotspots, Nottingham 2, Bradford 3 and Wolverhampton 4


BRADFORD: Bradford has the third highest car crime hotspots in the UK, according to a new study. Latest police data has revealed that Bradford might be one of the most dangerous places for motorists to leave their car, with some of the highest amount thefts in ratio to the no. of registered vehicles in the UK.

Thief In Hooded Jacket And Balaclava Opening Car’s Door With Crowbar

A total of 6,487 car crimes took place in 12 months in Bradford. Of these total vehicle crimes, 1,293 accounted for actual car theft too. These new findings come from a study by ChooseMyCar, as it today reveals the UK’s car crime hotspots Using data obtained by FOI requests, they have revealed the highest and lowest car crime areas, by combining crimes against number of registered vehicles in each area for a representative car crime score.

According to a Telegraph and Argus report, Bradford is third highest in the UK, with 27.59 car crimes per 1,000 vehicles in the city. This breaks down with 235,100 registered vehicles, 3,996 theft from a vehicle, 1,293 theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, 1,198 theft from a motor vehicle for 6,487 total vehicle crime in the city, to work out the average.

Manchester has the highest rate of car crimes with an average of 50.66 per 1,000 vehicles, while Luton has the lowest with an average of 4.15.

Meanwhile, Leeds is the ninth lowest car crime hotspot in the UK with an average of 18.11. This breaks down as 465,200 registered vehicles in the city; 5,009 theft from a vehicle; 2,112 theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle; 1,303 interfering with a motor vehicle and 8,424 total vehicle crimes.

Top 10 UK Car Crime Hotspots (and their number of car crimes per 1,000 vehicles): 1 Manchester – 50.66 2 Nottingham – 29.51; 3 Bradford – 27.59; 4 Wolverhampton – 27.07; 5 Northampton – 25.97; 6 Liverpool – 25.95; 7 Bolton – 24.86; 8 Coventry – 22.24; 9 Kingston upon Hull – 22.13; 10 Leicester – 21.74. West Yorkshire Police have been contacted by the Telegraph & Argus for a comment.