Four Asians jailed for 22 years over sexually assaulting helpless girl in Telford one accused Tanveer already deported to Pakistan


BIRMINGHAM: Four men have been jailed for sexually abusing a vulnerable girl who was “passed around like a piece of meat”. They were found guilty earlier this week of abusing the girl, who was forced to perform sex acts in a churchyard and was raped above a shop.

One of the defendants, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 33, had previously been jailed following the Operation Chalice inquiry into child sex abuse in Telford. An independent inquiry is ongoing into child sexual exploitation in the town, BBC has reported.

Ali Sultan, formerly of Telford, who was convicted after the trial at Birmingham Crown Court of rape and three counts of indecent assault, has been sentenced to eight years, with an extended licence of two years. He is already serving a sentence of six years for previous sexual offences.

Shafiq Younas, 35 of Regent Street, Wellington, has been sentenced to four and half years for indecent assault, as has Amjad Hussain, 38, of Acacia Drive, Leegomery, Telford.

Mohammad Rizwan, 37, of Mafeking Road, Telford, received a prison sentence of five and a half years for the same offence.

Sentencing the men, Judge Melbourne Inman QC said they had abused a “helpless” victim, who had been groomed until she was “no longer in effective control of her own life”.

Addressing the ringleader, Ali Sultan, the judge said: “The victim was clearly extremely frightened of you, and you exercised significant control over her.

“When last at liberty, you clearly attacked a number of victims over a prolonged period. You remain, clearly, a very dangerous man.”

According to West Midlands Police, the offences took place in the Telford area between 2000 and 2003, when the girl was in her early teens.

The victim said she was assaulted by other as-yet unidentified males, with the abuse continuing until she was in her mid teens. She told the hearing how she was forced to perform sex acts and violently abused when she tried to refuse.

Jurors were told the vulnerable victim was sold for sex, first by a man named Tanveer Ahmed, who delivered for Perfect Pizza in the town and “befriended her” during a low point in her life.

Ahmed, formerly of Urban Gardens in Wellington, was not on trial alongside the other defendants, having been deported to Pakistan, the court heard. He was jailed for two and a half years after admitting a charge of controlling a child sex abuse victim following West Mercia Police’s Operation Chalice inquiry.

Prosecutor Michelle Heeley QC had said the victim was “passed around like a piece of meat for the sexual gratification of several young men”. A fourth defendant, Nazam Akhtar, 35, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, was cleared of rape at the same trial.