Pak envoy says all Pakistani inmates with completed terms sent home from Saudi jails Over 10,000 Pakistanis are in foreign prisons world over


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s envoy to the Kingdom, Raja Ali Ejaz has said that no Pakistani prisoners who have completed their jail terms remain behind bars in Saudi Arabia            .

According to a document provided to Arab News by Pakistan’s embassy in Riyadh, 88 Pakistani prisoners out of a total 1,848 in the consular jurisdiction of Riyadh were released and repatriated in December 2019. Now 1,760 Pakistanis are imprisoned in Saudi jails.

“All Pakistani prisoners in consular jurisdiction Riyadh who had completed their sentences till December 31, 2019, have been released and repatriated to Pakistan,’ the ambassador said via telephone from Riyadh. “Saudi Authorities are coordinating and cooperating with us, due to which many prisoners were released even ahead of the completion of their term.”

Ejaz said the perception that there were still many Pakistanis languishing in Saudi jails was incorrect. “There is a very large Pakistani community, of around 2.6 million people, that resides in Saudi Arabia, out of which around 3,000 prisoners is not as big a number as propagated.”

“The embassy has devised a procedure with the help of the Saudi government to provide advance information to the host government every month from July 2019 onwards,” Ejaz said. “The (Pakistani) mission shared the names and identity particulars of Pakistani prisoners expected to be released during the following month,” he added. The division of the Kingdom into two consular jurisdictions, one in Riyadh and the other in Jeddah, had also made the process more seamless, the envoy said.

The Pakistani envoy said these steps helped the embassy maintain up-to-date data of Pakistani prisoners in Saudi jails while ensuring timely repatriation and releases.

In February 2019, Pakistan’s Information Ministry announced that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had ordered the release of about 2,100 Pakistani prisoners from the Kingdom’s jails during a high-profile visit to Islamabad. In September last year, Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, told Arab News that Saudi Arabia had released 579 Pakistani prisoners in line with the crown prince’s announcement.

Foreign prisons

Meanwhile, Interior Ministery in Islamabad has said that over 10,000 Pakistanis have been imprisoned in jails across the world. According to the documents, at least 10,896 Pakistani nationals have been imprisoned the world over for various crimes.

The report said 4,120 Pakistani nationals were jailed for allegedly smuggling drugs and another 1,195 on charges of illegal immigration. It said 1,902 Pakistanis were jailed for crimes including kidnapping for ransom, robberies. Around 190 were jailed for their alleged involvement in human trafficking.

At least 374 Pakistanis were imprisoned for allegedly committing frauds and 467 others for staying in foreign countries after the expiry of their visas.