Usman Khan buried in his family’s home village in AJK, family avoided burial in UK


MUZAFFARABAD (AJK): London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan was buried Friday ev ening as those attending the service prayed that he be pardoned for his sins. His body was released by the City of London coroner and flown to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, by his family.

It was then transported to the rural Kashmiri village of Kajlani, which has a community of 3000 people, where he was buried in an Islamic funeral.  As part of the burial traditions and prayers, a plea for a pardon for his sins was made. 

Officials at Islamabad International Airport confirmed that the 28-year-old’s body had been flown out on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Pakistan on Friday morning. 

Usman Khan attacked five people, killing two Cambridge graduates, while armed with two kitchen knives and wearing a fake suicide vest. He was tackled by several brave bystanders on London Bridge before being shot dead by police at point-blank range.  

A cousin of the convicted terrorist told Sky News that Khan’s parents and other close family members would bury the killer in their home village in azad Kashmir. 

The cousin added that the parents wanted to keep the burial ‘low key’ and that ‘they don’t want to bury him in the UK’ because they were ‘scared’. 

Famility sources said that the body was brought by his family from Islamabad airport to Kijlani village in district Kotli where the funeral took place at 4pm, following which he was buried in a local graveyard.

His family members refused to speak to the media, saying they had already given their statement through the London police on Tuesday. The relatives drove the body to the town of Kotli for burial as Khan’s family didn’t want to bury him in the UK. His funeral prayers were earlier offered in a Birmingham mosque.

According to media reports, he was part of a gang of nine extremists, mostly of Bangladeshi origin, who were sentenced in February 2012 after being convicted. However, he was released in December 2018, but was required to wear a GPS (electronic tag).

The Foreign Office spokesman was asked whether any special permission was required from the government for bringing the bodies of foreign nationals to Pakistan for burial or it was allowed for the people of Pakistan origin, and if any permission was granted in the case of the London Bridge attacker. He replied through WhatsApp: “Is his body in Pakistan? I have no confirmation of this.”

The London Bridge killer was a convicted terrorist who had been a member of an al Qaida-inspired group that plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

The 28-year-old killed the two Cambridge graduates and injured three other people in his knife rampage before being shot dead, wearing a mock suicide vest, last Friday. He had been living in Stafford after he was released from prison on licence in December 2018. 

Usman Khan was charged with conspiracy to cause explosions and other terrorism offences in late December 2010, along with eight others.

On February 1 2012, the nine pleaded guilty to various terrorist offences, with four admitting an al Qaida-inspired plot to detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange.