“People took wise decision by giving mandate to Conservatives”; says Lord Zameer Choudrey


Nation special report

LONDON: Describing the overall election results as a historic victory for the Conservatives, Lord Zameer Choudrey CBE SI Pk has said “voters have entrusted the Conservative Party with a historic mandate. The Johnson administrative has the power to take UK out of the EU and implement its manifesto commitments that would reshape our country into an independent global super power”, while expressing his views over the post-poll political scenario.

Lord Zameer Choudrey, the Group Chief Executive of Bestway and the Chair of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan described the 12th December’s elections as a monumental event in the country’s modern history.

“Boris Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit and repay the trust of voters after he led the Conservatives to an “historic” general election win. We all are convinced that he would work flat out and lead a people’s government”.

Since his appointment as Chair of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan in August 2013 Lord Choudrey has worked tirelessly to encourage greater community engagement with the Conservative party.   

And it is through efforts such selfless community leaders that today; a British Pakistani is the Chancellor of Exchequer and the number of the Conservative MPs of Pakistani origin has witnessed a 60% increase since 2010 when first Pakistani origin MPs were elected.  

“In his victory speech, the Prime Minister has said that the election result represented a “new dawn” for the country. He thanked Labour voters, many of whom, he said, had backed the Conservatives for the first time, vowing to fulfil the sacred trust placed in him”.

“In my view, the British people have decided to give Conservatives a robust mandate that was required for a strong and stable government; now the Johnson administration can take bold decisions in the national interest for the betterment of the masses”, Lord Zameer Choudrey commented.

A Conservative majority is what Boris Johnson wanted in order to ensure that his Brexit deal passed the Commons. There is now little in principle to stop his deal passing. Various EU leaders will also be relieved that a majority in the Commons will clear a path forward. The exit day of January 31, 2020 seems more certain that any of the previous “Brexit days” due to the lack of domestic political hurdles.