Intl’ Day for Victims of Genocide and Human Rights Day observed at PHC


LONDON: Pakistan High Commissioner Mohammad Nafees Zakaria has said that half-million Kashmiris were slaughtered by Maharaja Dogra’s forces along with Indian occupation forces and RSS (Hindu terrorist outfit of India) and one million Kashmiris were forcibly expelled from Jammu in 1947 that changed the demography. He was speaking at a Seminar on Kashmir to mark the International Day for Victims of Genocide and International Human Rights Day observed on 09 and 10 December respectively. The Seminar was attended by a large number of people from various walks of life.

Mr Zakaria said for Kashmiris, illegitimate landing of Indian forces in 1947 was also the beginning of an era of mass killings, mass blindings with pellet guns, mass rapes, disappearances, false encounters and associated human sufferings that continue unabated. All these atrocities are well documented by international human rights organisations and media while the victims still await justice, he added. The perpetual genocide of the Muslims in occupied Kashmir continues, the High Commissioner further said. He cautioned that India has been systematically changing the demography of IOK in complete violation of the international law and conventions, which Pakistan has already reported to the UN.

Mr Zakaria said Pakistan has rejected the bifurcation of IOK into two Union Territories as it is in complete violation of the UN Security Council Resolutions and Bilateral Agreements between India and Pakistan. He reiterated Pakistan’s moral, political and diplomatic support to the just cause of self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Mr Zakaria urged the audience to raise awareness about the Indian atrocities and ongoing humanitarian crisis in occupied Kashmir and be the voice of the voiceless and defenceless Kashmiris.

In his address, Dr Nazir Gilani, President Human Rights – JKCHR gave historical background of the Kashmir dispute and shared the history of legal debates on the issue. Dr Gilani said India is sinning against the people of Kashmir on three fronts, namely, political vandalism, military aggression and cultural invasion. He said India would have to revoke its unilateral measures taken in IOK since 05 August 2019 as the pressure is mounting on it as evidenced in recent two UN reports critical of Indian human rights abuses in the IOK.

He condemned crimes against humanity being committed by Indian occupation forces against the Kashmiris and emphasized on raising awareness about the crisis by using all possible means.

A young woman of Kashmiri origin, Ms Uzma Rasool spoke on the ongoing human rights abuses being committed by Indian occupation forces. She particularly narrated the ordeal of rape victims who are always Kashmiri Muslim women and girls. She recalled Kunan Pashpora mass rape incident of 1991 and several other rape incidents carried out by Indian forces with complete impunity.

Ms Uzma also gave a heart rending account of the plight of pellet gun victims comprising mostly young boys and girls. She said while the victims lose their eyesight, the families are financially crippled and run into heavy debts while getting treatment for victims. The right to health is a basic human right which is being denied to the Kashmiris by India, she added.

Availing of the opportunity of the two International Days of the UN, the seminar was organised to raise awareness about the plight of the Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir.