Hamza Ali Abbasi quits acting, vows to move towards spirituality


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s famous actor and television personality, Hamza Ali Abbasi, announced to end his acting career Thursday night saying he now wanted to focus on spreading the message of Islam.

In the 23 minutes’ video titled “From Atheism to Islam” posted to his social media accounts including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Abbasi details his path walking toward Islam — a path that he has been working on for 10 years, he says.
On October 12, Abbasi took to Twitter saying, “A journey of more than a decade comes to an end. I have a very important announcement to make at the end of this month. Will hope my voice reaches many. Will be off social media till end of Oct.”
He finally broke his digital silence with the video announcing his plans to bid farewell to acting for good.

Abbasi states in the video that though he is leaving acting behind, he will still appear and participate in programming, television shows or films that are focused on spreading the message of Islam, his new career and life priority.
Abbasi is perhaps one of Pakistan’s most recognizable actors both for his roles over his career and for his outspoken political views and propensity toward sharing them at length across social media, many of his posts have gone on to viral status — both for positive and negative reactions.
He is also known for his starring roles on critical and commercially acclaimed dramas like Pyarey Afzal, Mann Mayal and the currently on-air drama Alif. His latest film The Legend of Maula Jatt, which has experienced a number of release date push backs, will decidedly be his last mainstream role in a film not about Islam.