Ayodhya verdict has proved to be milestone for judiciary; comments Modi


NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ayodhya land case has proved to be a milestone for the judiciary in the country.

Addressing the nation during the monthly broadcast of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, he said: “On the one hand, a protracted legal battle has finally come to an end, on the other hand, the respect for the judiciary has grown in the country. In the truest sense, the apex court’s decision has proved to be a milestone for the judiciary.”

Thanking citizens for maintaining peace and harmony after the historic Ayodhya verdict, he said: “After the top court’s verdict came on the Ayodhya case, 130 crore Indians have again proved that national interest always comes first. And in our country, the values of peace, unity and goodwill are paramount.”

He added that the new India has moved ahead on a new path full of new hopes and aspirations. In his address to the nation on November 9, Prime Minister Modi had urged the people to maintain peace and recalled how political parties and civil society gave ‘restrained’ statements to unite people after the Allahabad High Court gave its judgment in the case in 2010.

He also stated that some people and interest groups tried to exploit the situation for their own benefit during that time.

The Supreme Court had recently ordered that the Central government should within 3-4 months formulate a scheme for setting up a trust and hand over the disputed site to it for construction of a shrine.

The apex court also allocated an alternative five acres of land at a prominent location in Ayodhya for the construction of a mosque.

Meanwhile,Narendra Modi on Thursday said the Centre’s aim is to make evidence-based policy-making an integral part of governance by the year 2022. “Our aim is to make evidence-based policy-making an integral part of governance by the year 2022. It will also help in creating a new identity of New India. So is the right phase for the transformation of audit and assurance sector. Now CAG also has to move towards CAG 2.0,” said Modi.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing the Accountants General and Deputy Accountants General conclave here, said: “The responsibility of the CAG is crucial as it plays an important role in keeping the economic conduct of the country and society sacred. And therefore you have high expectations.”

He further said that “today, as India is moving towards becoming an economic power of 5 trillion dollars, your role is also important in that. Because what you do will directly affect the efficiency of the government, the decision making and policymaking of the government.”  (ANI)