Mahira Khan becomes UNHCR goodwill ambassador for Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) announced has announced that Pakistani stunning actress Mahira Khan will be their new goodwill ambassador for Pakistan. While expressing her happiness, the actress said that she was grateful and honoured to be a UNHCR ambassador for her country. “Proud to be born to a motherland that has opened its arms to refugees for over 40 years,” she tweeted. 

Pic06-079 ISLAMBAD: Nov06- Renewed Pakistani Film Star Mahira Khan addressing during a ceremony at a local hotel, as UNHCR appoints Mahira Khan as National Goodwill Ambassador, in federal capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Sunny Ghouri

Mahira Khan has shared the touching moment her parents received a congratulatory letter from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), after their daughter was named the first ever UNHCR National Goodwill Ambassador in Pakistan.

Khan posted the letter on Instagram, and revealed how she felt when her parents read it. “I received the sweetest letter from UNHCR for my parents,” she wrote, “Needless to say it made me extremely emotional.”

Khan added that her mother began to cry and her father was “smiling his biggest smile”.

“Sometimes I forget that I have been chosen to be put in the position that I am in, given the platform I have been given and the kind of love that I receive. I hope and pray that I can always uphold the responsibility.”

She signed off her message as the daughter of “Mr. and Mrs. Hafeez R. Khan”.

Khan after her appointment said she felt strongly about speaking up for refugees around the world. “This is something I want to talk about,” she said in a video message released by the UNHCR.