Ayodhya verdict is proof of India’s tradition of social harmony; says Modi


NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the way every section of society welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya is a proof of India’s ancient culture and tradition of social harmony, adding that there is no place for fear, bitterness, and negativity in ‘New India’.

“After the verdict, the way every section of society, of every religion, has welcomed it is a proof of India’s ancient culture and tradition of social harmony,” said Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation.

Brazil, Nov 13 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hand with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 11th BRICS summit in Brasilia on Wednesday. (ANI Photo)

The Prime Minister said; “The whole country wanted the Ayodhya case to be heard daily, which happened and today a verdict has been delivered. This case which was going on for decades has concluded finally,” the Prime Minister said.

“The Supreme Court listened to all the sides during the hearings of this case with utmost patience. It is a matter of happiness for the entire country that the decision came with the consent of all,” he said adding; “There is no place for fear, bitterness, and negativity in New India,” he stressed.

Judiciary appreciated

Narendra Modi hailed the Supreme Court’s saying it will further increase the faith of the people in judicial processes. In a series of tweets, he said that the ruling should not be seen as a win or loss for anyone and called for maintaining peace and harmony post-Ayodhya verdict.

“The Honourable Supreme Court has given its verdict on the Ayodhya issue. This verdict shouldn’t be seen as a win or loss for anybody. Be it Ram Bhakti or Rahim Bhakti, it is imperative that we strengthen the spirit of Rashtra Bhakti. May peace and harmony prevail!” he tweeted.

“The halls of justice have amicably concluded a matter going on for decades. Every side, every point of view was given adequate time and opportunity to express differing points of view. This verdict will further increase people’s faith in judicial processes,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister outlined that the verdict is notable because “it highlights that any dispute can be amicably solved in the spirit of due process of law, it reaffirms the independence, transparency and farsightedness of our judiciary and it clearly illustrates everybody is equal before the law”.

“The calm and peace maintained by 130 crore Indians in the run-up to today’s verdict manifest India’s inherent commitment to peaceful coexistence. May this very spirit of unity and togetherness power the development trajectory of our nation. May every Indian be empowered,” Modi said in a follow-up tweet.

Berlin Wall

Narendra Modi said the Supreme Court verdict on the land dispute in Ayodhya has come on November 9, the same date of the month on which the Berlin Wall fell, and it gives a lesson of moving forward by being united.

He said that the Kartarpur corridor was inaugurated earlier today on November 9, which has been constructed with the co-operation of India and Pakistan.      “Today is November 9. It is the date when the Berlin Wall fell. Two opposite ideologies took a new resolve by coming together,” said Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation on the day the apex court gave its landmark verdict.

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin, both physically and ideologically.    

Modi said: “Today is November 9 and Kartarpur Sahib corridor has been inaugurated. In this, there has cooperation between India and of Pakistan. Today with the decision on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 is giving us a lesson of moving forward by being united.”

The Prime Minister said that the message of the day was “of fostering unity, of being united and living together.” He also said it was a day to forget any lingering bitterness. 

 If there has been some bitterness in the mind of any person on these things, it is the day to get rid of them. There should be no place for fear, bitterness, negativity in New India,” said Modi.