Neelam says she did item song for ISPR


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer has said that she did the “item number” in a movie because the film was a project of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The actor danced for upcoming film Kaaf Kangana’s ‘Khabon Main’ song.

Neelum posted the song on Twitter on Monday with a note defending her move to perform an ‘item song’ and declaring it a one-time thing.

“I did this song only because this movie is a project of ISPR. Perhaps this is the first and last item song of my life. But you all know that whatever I do, I own it and I do it with pride. For Pakistan, I am ready to die. I’m sure you all will go and watch this movie. Enjoy,” she wrote on Twitter.

Neelum and ISPR are being trolled severely following the former’s revelation. Twitteratis are congratulating ISPR for convincing Neelum to dance.

“ISPR is providing a lot of entertainment lately. Time will come when military parade will be replaced by item numbers. Major Neelam Muneer khan (Sitar-e- entertainment) at your service,” said one user.

“Pakistani actress #NeelamMuneer has said that she agreed to do an ‘item’ song in her upcoming film, ‘Kaaf Kangna’ as it was a project of #ISPR. She believes it is her way of showcasing patriotism for her nation. So, now #Pakistani actresses are dancing to the tunes of #ISPR!,” tweeted another.  (ANI)