Yamin prisoned for fighting with al-Qaeda in Syria


LONDON: A man has been jailed for fighting with jihadis in Syria after being filmed in a documentary. Mohammed Yamin, now 25, initially denied joining al-Qaeda but investigators matched voice recordings made by police to previous recordings of a masked British militant caught on camera in 2013.

Wearing a khaki balaclava, he appeared in a Vice documentary alongside fighters in Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, which were both al-Qaeda factions at the time.

Yamin was shown posing with an assault rifle in front of the black flag adopted by Isis, and threatening terror attacks in the UK.

He urged British people to “remove your government” and made reference to the murder of Lee Rigby, adding: “You will take the blame for the crimes committed worldwide by Britain itself. So we have to fight, it’s part of our obligation to protect our honour, protect our women.” A court heard that Yamin went to Syria in July 2013 as a 20-year-old student and fought for a year before returning to the UK.

Security services knew him as an associate of Jafar Turay, a Muslim convert and former London rapper who travelled to the warzone after fleeing Britain while being investigated over a stabbing.

Yamin, who had previously been studying civil engineering, was arrested after landing at Heathrow Airport in 2014.

The Metropolitan Police said officers initially believed he provided clothing and equipment to terrorist fighters in Syria but “Yamin denied this, and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, he was released with no further action”.