Arab Spring war virus vs world


By Senator Rehman Malik

2nd and last part

The world will continue to face the war and game of domination either through conventional or hybrid wars. The world can even face destabilisation through dirty tricks of the hostile countries, i.e., disturbing the key quotients. The world is witnessing a complete change of strategies, and the states busy in realpolitik deploy political dirty tricks to subvert regions and countries.

The Indo-Pak and Saudi Iran conflicts are extremely dangerous for peace and stability of the two regions. The world must come forward to play its role in ending the two conflicts: one between Pakistan and India and the second between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There are three factors that are frequently injected by the covert designers of the world to destabilise the countries and the regions to create internal chaos within the states. The world has witnessed that the designers have used the local population using religion, poverty and serious internal conflicts, as the former CIA officer Philips Agee’s book informs us. Philips Agee worked for the CIA as case officer from 1957 to 1969. He resigned in 1969. In 1975 he published a book, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary” about covert and dirty operations of CIA.

He disclosed the identities of his former CIA operatives and also revealed how countries are destabilised by the USA’s policy of supporting military dictatorships. The regimes supported by the CIA have no value for human lives, and they rely on immense torture, executions and death squads to extend their rule. The book stunned the world as he in his book had accused the US intelligence agency of “state terrorism”, authorised by the White House.

The world is becoming more dangerous as the race for the global supremacy & dominance is accelerating. As if that was not enough, the hunger for exploiting the natural resources of other countries is bringing the international designers on the verge of another conflict. With time, the awareness in the new generation forced the end of colonial System. These colonies marched towards independence, which led to the post-independence struggle between democracy and the communism.

After the disintegration of the USSR, the focus shifted from communism towards Islam. Now Islam was the new enemy. No wonder we started hearing the phrase Islamic Terrorism. The religion card was initiated, financed and supported by the west, which is still continuing, and all the Muslim regions are suffering in the hands of the religious extremists.

The world continued to fight in Afghanistan with the divided self-motivated interests. It was a senseless war, which is yet to end in Afghanistan. The most affected ones are the ordinary civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Any misadventure in the Middle East will make the Middle East, Turkey, Syria and Pakistan one battle zone that looks like an early form of Mid-East-South Asian Spring. Maybe the rulers of the world wants to replicate the Arab Spring one more time but on different geographical terrain.

Many countries, sub-regions and regions are already infected with the “war virus”. If these lands are not treated well by the political doctors of these regions, the future generations might not forgive the present political doctors for their irresponsibility in discharging their national and Islamic duties.

Is it not worth considering as to why this non-stop trouble comes up every time through Jihadist, Taliban or Al Qaeda? Now it’s from the new players like DAESH/ ISIS whereas Houthis are emerging as an offshoot of the Al Qaeda. Middle Eastern countries, Iran, Turkey and Kurdistan are getting into deeper troubles. One has to see who is stopping them from resisting such blatant and naked western moves against them.

Regions/ Sub Region’s issues are created as a part of conspiracies and the duty of the leadership is to counter them with strategic unity of the region in the larger interest of the regions/sub-regions as suggested earlier. I am hopeful that the sense will prevail and these countries will manage to sit on a table to point out their common objective and act with unity, without fear of technology or fear of loss of power. I, unfortunately, foresee more troubles in coming months if those who can perform do not halt such moves within this region.

If the Muslim leadership does not get up and work out countermeasure, then the storm of Mid-East-South Asia spring would bring more destruction. I appeal to the present leadership of the Muslim countries to watch, assess and act to stop this monster which can bring further destruction in their lands.

Few suggestions in this regard are essential to be made. First, there should be a “no war pact “between Saudi Arabia & Iran and let Pakistan facilitate this. Second, India should announce a date of self-determination for Kashmiris as per UN resolution under the UNO forces. India-Pakistan should also sign “no war pact” subject to resolution of Kashmir. Third, the USA should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and let Afghan factions and groups resolve their national politics in the presence of UN peacekeeping force. Why is the US giving so much importance to the Taliban when they do not want peace in Afghanistan at all. For them, war is their vocation. The USA will not be to get all factions of the Taliban together and hence the result of such meeting with partial reorientation will not bear fruit like in the past, and the bloodshed will continue. Fourth, the USA should follow China and create World Economic & Welfare Zone rather than creating war zones in the world. It will benefit the Americans more than anyone else. President Donald Trump should review the result of all wars initiated by USA. He will notice that the USA has to cut sorry figure starting from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA should kindly work for Peace & Economic Zone. We should collectively give peace a chance and should not to allow turning our regions into war zones.

The world must come forward to play its role in ending the two conflicts: one between Pakistan and India and the second between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

This conflict between democracy & communism brought an unannounced covert war. That war ultimately resulted in actualising the revolutions of Iran, elimination of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Afghan monarchy as the west thought that this leadership had their tilt towards USSR. Hence Jihadis were made to serve their purpose of defeating communism in Asia.

The writer is Former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank “Global Eye”. He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik