Free Balochistan movement organises seminar in London to highlight their demands and independence


LONDON: Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) organised a seminar here to mark the Independence Day of Baloch. It was attended by members of several Baloch and non-Baloch political parties including Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Balochistan National Movement (Zrombesh), Balochistan People Party, Nation without States, Arab Front for The liberation of ALahwaz, Campaign against Criminalizing Communities and 15 April Movement for Liberation of Al- Ahwaz.

The guest speakers in the Sunday’s event included Khan of Kalat Suleman Daud, Taher Karim, FBM vice-president Shahzawar Karimzadi, Rahim Bandoi Baloch, Ismail Amiri, Mohammad AlHazbawi, Desmond Fernandes, Shabir Baloch, Tahir Karim and Graham Williamson.

Mir Suleman Daud – the Khan of Kalat – said that  Balochistan was an independent country but Pakistani occupied it illegally. He also said that some “Baloch Nawabs and Sardars conspired” with Pakistan to undermine the sovereignty of Balochistan.

Daud said that it is on record that both the houses of parliament of Balochistan (Kalat State) refused to join Pakistan.

Suleman Daud also spoke about the recent inclusion of Balochistan Liberation Army on the terrorist list by the US administration, He emphasised that Baloch were not terrorists, in fact, they were defending their land and people from foreign invasion and aggression.

“We are trying to protect our resources from the Chinese and we are agitating because we are an occupied nation we have got the right to self-defence and I think if Germany had invaded Britain, they would have done the same. That’s what we are doing and we should keep on doing it,” he added.

He said this was all politics as the US had previously banned Mujahideen Khalq (Maryam Rajavi’s party) but now they have taken this group off the terrorist list. He also emphasised that there are several terrorist organisations whose leaders are in Pakistan even the biggest organisation like Al-Qaeda had their leaders in Pakistan.

Shabir Baloch, a member of Free Balochistan Movement, said that every country is known by its own uniqueness such as Switzerland is called the playground of Europe and Japan is called the land of the rising Sun, similarly, Balochistan is called the land of hospitality and brave people. The British had treaties with Balochistan but it violated those agreements when Pakistan forcibly and illegally occupied Balochistan in 1948.

He said Pakistan is committing grave human rights violations where several mass graves have been discovered but shamefully the so-called human rights organisations were silent on Balochistan’s situation.

Baloch raised a question, “whether they considered human being or not and are the Baloch right less important than those in Kosovo, East Timor, Palestine and Kashmir?.

Graham Williamson, chairman of Nations without States said that Balochistan was once a sovereign nation but Pakistan occupied it in 1948.

“The British in the process of decolonisation of the region have run away and did not honour its agreements with Balochistan to help in time of trouble. Even Britain has allowed Scotland access to a referendum but never did the same with Balochistan. He said if there was a war between Pakistan and India, Pakistan could collapse and Baloch would be gain their freedom and same is the case with Iran.” The Baloch must be prepared for such situations and must organise themselves. He emphasised that unity was the key to success.

Mohammad AlHazbawi from the 15 April Movement for the liberation of Al Ahwaz expressed his support to the people of Balochistan and Baloch freedom struggle. He said, ‘we need to continue and intensify our struggle in accordance with ongoing changes and development in the Middle East. Iran is on the verge of collapse and occupied nations like us [Baloch, Kurd, Arab, Azeri and others] are demanding their freedom. We need to work hard, fast and united against this dangerous virus called Iran to get our freedom.’

We have to intensify our protests, meetings, press conferences and act together with other non-Persian nations.

He added that Iran will not easily decolonise our lands unless we all unite against this brutal regime. “We assure and urge all other nations to unite and prepare for their freedom. It is a golden opportunity for occupied nations and those under Iran’s occupation as the whole world is against Iran and we must not miss this opportunity. United we can win our freedom,” Mohammad said.

Desmond Fernandes, a former lecturer at De Montfort University and a genocide scholar, said Pakistani military keeps blocking districts and town in Balochistan and no one is given access to these people and there is continuous genocide of Baloch nation. Baloch people are being killed, tortured and disappeared systematically from all walks of life.

He added that the Pakistani Army has committed crimes against humanity through bombing innocent people in Balochistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan made several promises to Baloch people and claimed to end military aggression in Balochistan before he came to power but now he’s repeating and continuing the same crimes that the previous governments had committed.

Taher Karim, a representative of Arab Front for The liberation of AL Ahwaz, said: “We and Baloch including other minorities have suffered enough at hands of criminal state Iran. He congratulated the Baloch people on the day of their freedom and FBM activists for organising a successful gathering in London.”

He said: ‘Balochistan was an independent country for a year and then Pakistan forcibly and illegally occupied it.’

He saluted the struggle of Baloch people for their freedom and independence. He said that Baloch nation has given enormous sacrifices for their freedom and to get rid of Iranian and Pakistani occupation. The Baloch are still bravely striving for their freedom and supporting all other oppressed nation.

We the sons of Al-Ahwaz, Baloch, Kurds, Azerbaijani and other occupied nations under Iran’s occupation should stand together and raise our voice together against the Iranian regime. We will continue to strive for our freedom at all costs.

“All freeborn people of the world who believe in peace and liberty should support the oppressed nations. It is, however, the unity of occupied nations that will lead them to their freedom and victory. Determined nations always win at the end of the day. There is always an end to darkness and slavery and we will get our freedom like all other nations who gained their freedom from the tyrant and brutal occupiers,” Mr Karim added.

The Iranian terrorist government is executing our beloved sons, brothers and relatives – I mean the Baloch, Kurds and other non-Persian nations.

Raheem Bandoi has said that unity is power if you use it wisely which we need as a suffering nation. He said the enemies of the Baloch nation has always used the weakest points by pitting one tribe against another tribe to benefit from their internal conflicts which have been fuelled by Pakistan so the terrorist state can use it as divide and rule. This theory was used by British colonial powers, Pakistan’s Jinnah, Iran’s Reza Shah and other enemies of Balochistan. He said, “Unity is the most common tool and mean to be powerful it’s used wisely.”

Ismail Amiri said that August 11 should be celebrated a day of happiness and unity because it is our Independence Day and 27th of March should be mourned as black day because our country was occupied on this day. All major Baloch political parties and the majority of Baloch people agree on commemorating and celebrating on August 11.

He said Baloch patriots and pro-freedom parties must unite on national symbols such as the flag of Balochistan because these are the symbols that show our nationhood and oneness as a nation.

 Shahzawar Karimzadi said we had our own free state until 1839 when Britain attacked Balochistan and divided it into three parts. From the first day, Pakistan was an artificial and double standard country which was made to destroy peace and stability. Since the creation of Pakistan millions of people were killed by this monster Islamic extremist state.

He talked in detail about the creation of Pakistan and its ongoing hooliganism against Afghanistan, Balochistan and India. He said that the world has ignored Pakistan crimes against humanity against people of Bangladesh that is why now Pakistan was against continuing its terrorism in Balochistan with immunity from the international community. (ANI)