Ali sentenced to life for murder of student Sidali


BIRMINGHAM: A teenager was sentenced to 19 years in jail on Monday for murdering Sidali Mohamed, after he was stabbed outside a college in Birmingham earlier this year. 

Laoui Ali, aged 17, stabbed Sidali in the chest in broad daylight outside Joseph Chamberlain College on 13 February.  The court was shown CCTV of Ali travelling by bus from his home in Highgate to the college. 

It tracked him getting off the bus, and heading to the side of the college where he put a mask on. He is then seen hanging around outside the college gates, as he waits for the 16-year-old.

As Sidali left college, he passed Ali and headed over to his friends before heading back towards Ali. After an exchange of words, Ali lunged forward and punched Sidali before stabbing him in front of horrified students. 

Sidali staggered away and collapsed inside the college grounds where staff battled to save him. He was rushed to hospital where he sadly died of his injuries two days later. 

The 17-year-old aspiring boxer was on bail for another wounding that had taken place in Highgate, Birmingham in December 2018 when he and an accomplice stabbed a man in the arm as he walked down the street. 

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday (12 July) found Ali guilty of murder. He was also found guilty of stabbing another student during the same incident, but cleared of stabbing a security guard.

He was found guilty of the unrelated wounding and possession of an offensive weapon from December. Ali was found not guilty of making threats with an offensive weapon, as part of the December incident.