Sherlyn Chopra – an edition to Celebrity App Club


By Faz Zia

In the world of hyper-personalisation, famous celebrities, influencers and content creators are turning into their own media house by consolidating their digital presence and their regular activities on social media to create a signature digital aura in the form of a personalised mobile app.
Not only does it bridge the gap between the celebrity/influencer/content creator and his/her versatile fan base but also provide fantastic platforms for optimum content monetisation by converting millions of fans into paying customers fast and easy.
There are more and more celebrity apps in the market.  Just take a look: Kim Kardashian, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ellen DeGeneres, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, Britney Spears, Tom Hanks and many other famous celebrities already have their own mobile apps. 
The latest to join the Celebrity App Club is Bollywood’s fierce and sultry, Sherlyn Chopra who recently dropped a rap single, titled, Vote Daal.  Sherlyn is a huge sensation across social media for being outspoken and for consistently raising the bar of sensuality through her praise worthy imagery and videos. 
Sherlyn’s official app, the Sherlyn Chopra App is available at no charge on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. However, premium content on the app is charged reasonably.
Launched by Armsprime, the developer of the Sherlyn Chopra App, it boasts of exclusive features to engage in live interaction with fans and to generate revenue through innovative and fun avenues.

Sherlyn Chopra has come out in support of the MeToo movement that has given women a platform to speak out their experiences of harassment. She opined that there is no place for regressive mindset in the film industry and society. She said, “Whatever is happening suggest that our tolerance has decreased towards sexism, patriarchy and others. I believe that this tolerance would become zero in the coming days. There is no place for regressive mindset in our film industry and society. It is high time that we replace sexism with feminism.”

In a recent conversation,

Amidst the MeToo movement, a video featuring Playboy magazine fame Sherlyn Chopra is now going viral on the internet where she is seen making some shocking revelations about the casting couch in Bollywood.

Sherlyn while promoting her upcoming music video stated that how in the circles of Bollywood apart from food the word dinner also stands for lust or to be more precise sexual favors.

While speaking to Zoom, Sherlyn said, ‘Honestly speaking, I always waited, thinking that someone will come and lift my faith. At least someone will notice me, my talent, my potential. But I have understand that now I have to take things in my hand. The problem is that if you ask people for work they talk about dinner. It’s pathetic. It took me quite a few years to understand that the meaning of dinner in Bollywood is something else.”

She further added. “Initially I used to very jokingly say that I am done with my dinner let’s talk about work. It was later that I realise that in film Industry dinner has two meanings. One stands for food and other for lust. At last I decided that I had enough now let me become the creator of my reality. Now I will make a feature film on my own because if I go and ask work from someone else to take me in his film there are chances that he may again talk about dinner. I am literally pissed off from hearing the word dinner.”

Sherlyn was last seen as the lead protagonist in Kamasutra 3D directed by Rupesh Paul and she also appeared in the trailer which was released at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival. It went silent around the production after that for a while and in June 2016 she told the media that she wasn’t working on the project anymore.

Sherlyn Chopra, an impressive entry to Bollywood, became the first Indian to have graced the iconic Playboy magazine. Sherlyn Chopra loves to express the mellifluous aspect of her personality through music albums and singles. Her last single was titled, Bad Girl which was Sherlyn’s take on moral policing. Recently she released a short film, titled, Maya, a super natural thriller, written, directed and produced by her. Sherlyn Chopra is quite active on her digital touch points. Her praise worthy imagery and videos make her a huge internet sensation!

Sherlyn Chopra enjoys a huge fan following on social media. Whenver the diva shares a photo or video it goes viral on the social media. Sherlin Chopra has 2.2 million fallows on social media, which he likes them very much. Right now she is in discussions about his videos and photos. Every now and then, the bold and beautiful lady breaks the internet with her hotter than hell photos and videos.