NADRA holds surgery at Rochdale


ROCHDALE: NADRA Surgery was held in Rochdale at Castlemere Community Centre ON Saturday. The staff dealt with 75 applications for NICOP ( National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis ). These NICOP cards act like visa for 10 years and are used by British passport holders.

Ghulam Rasul Shahzad OBE , Chairman and Hafiz Abdul Malik Centre Manager of Castlemere Community Centre, thanked members of the NADRA staff for a great service they have been providing to the Pakistani and Kashmiri community for the last more than ten years.

Applicants in large number including old, women, children, diabetics and disabled persons apply and receive NICOP Cards .They do not have to go to the Consulate General of Pakistan’s office in Manchester and spend the whole day there. Ghulam Rasool said; “This NADRA Surgery takes place near their homes and saves a lot of money and journey. The community is very thankful to them and hope that they will continue to hold surgeries in Rochdale and other towns as they presently do” .