Farooq Abdullah bats for better ties with Pakistan


JAMMU: National Conference chairman Farooq Abdullah has stressed on the need for bettering relations with Pakistan. “We have to live peacefully with our neighbouring country. We cannot live with them in enmity. After 70 years, our people do not have clean water to drink. They don’t have electricity and good hospitals,” the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister told reporters. 

“If we live peacefully, we don’t need weapons to fight against them. We should think about making our nation prosperous. For this, we have to come to a solution with Pakistan. It is in their interest as well if they want their nation to come out of poverty,” Abdullah said.    

He further urged Pakistan to put an end to terrorism and said, “Today, they (Pakistan) have to take a loan from IMF. Where have they reached now? You will never become developed while you keep fighting. They should stop spreading terrorism.” In Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah’s National Conference and BJP won three seats each. (ANI)