Sponsored Cycle raises thousands of Pounds for orphans in need


By Uzair Sheikh

On Sunday the 28th of April, 50 people from Forest School took part in a sponsored cycle, with the aim of raising £5000 for Orphans in Need, a charity that supports over 20,000 orphans and widows in 14 countries around the world.       

Two passions me and my brother have always shared are cycling and raising money for those less fortunate than ourselves. A sponsored cycle is the perfect way to combine both.

We were joined by 42 keen and enthusiastic friends from Forest School, Waltham Forest, London ranging from year 10 pupils, all the way down to year one. It was also great to be supported by some parents who accompanied their children.

The cycle took place in the Redbridge Cycling Centre, and the children participating were sponsored to cycle as many laps as they could around a one-kilometre track in an hour.

No one there had to do what they did, but all of the children and adults gave up their Sunday afternoon and cycled with such determination, something which we feel was quite incredible and we were so proud to be a part of.

Together, we cycled approximately 750km overall and have raised a grand total of £6088 for Orphans in Need. This amount of money will sustain two orphans entirely for the next eight years of their lives: for the rest of their childhood.

Finally, on behalf of our family, we would like to thank everyone who took part or supported us in this event – we could not have done this without you! This was their fourth such annual event – previously they have raised funds for Water Aid.

Orphan in Need is an award winning charity, currently supporting over 20,000 children and widows  in 14 countries around the world: helping to improve their lives.