Only dialogue, no military solution of Kashmir conflict; says Masood


MUZAFFARABAD: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said there is no military solution of Kashmir, and the problem could only be solved through trilateral dialogues among India, Pakistan and genuine leadership of Kashmiris.

“There is no military solution to Kashmir issue and India will have to initiate dialogues with Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir to find a way for the resolution of this conflict peacefully,” President Khan said while speaking to 20- members’ delegation of the British Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS).

The British delegation headed by Major Gen (r) JC Larence Craige called on the President at President House Muzaffarabad.  Masood Khan said that Pakistan always sought peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue through dialogues but it was India that has obstructed the process and chosen the path of brutalizing the people of Jammu and Kashmir to settle Kashmir issue.

He went to say that India- Pakistan have already fought two wars over Kashmir and now Indian inflexibility on Kashmir issue, inhuman atrocities in Kashmir and unprovoked shelling on civilian population living along the Line of Control (LoC) could bring both nuclear-armed states to the brink of another devastating war.

“It is high time for United Nations, UK, United States and other influential members of a global community to explore a viable solution to the conflict of Kashmir and to ensure peace and stability in the region”, he said.

He said that a recent report of the United Nations’ Commission for Human Rights on Kashmir followed by a similar report compiled by All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group reflects that the world is now realizing the gravity of the unresolved Kashmir dispute. He added that another report on the state of human rights in Kashmir is being compiled by a committee of European Parliament.

“UK is one of the five permanent members of UNSC should intervene in setting a stage for the resolution of Kashmir before the two nuclear states of India and Pakistan indulge in a full-scale war which will be a monumental disaster that will engulf not only the region but large part of the world,” President Khan emphasized.

He told the delegation that arbitrary laws have been enforced in J&K and an Indian soldier can shoot to kill any at will and he will not be accountable to anybody or any agency for prosecution.

Earlier briefing the members of the delegation about the functioning of AJK government, it’s administrative matters and priorities, the president said that reinforcing Kashmiri peoples’ struggle for their right to self-determination, providing better governance and efficient administration to the people of AJK and economic development of the liberated area is some of the priorities of AJK government.