Nina Gupta – a versatile artist


By Faz Zia

I had the honour to interview an excellent actress, National and Film Fare Award winner, Neena Gupta. 

In recent times she was widely recognized for her portrayal in the film Badhaai Ho. I congratulated her on the success of the film and playing such a great role. 

Q: What was your reaction after reading the script? 

NG: I was very excited when I read the script and it was amazing and there was no question of saying anything else but yes I want to do it. And I was not bother about what will people say because it was such a innocently done film . I don’t think anybody will think of any other thing then just enjoying the film and emotionally getting attached to the film. 

Q: After taking a long break you acted in a very different topic were you nervous about public reaction about your role after watching the movie? 

NG: I was never bothered about me looking pregnant or getting pregnant at this age.  I was not shy or embarrassed at all. And I don’t think people who saw it also felt embarrassed. When an actor doing it doesn’t feel  embarrassed so the people also don’t get embarrassed. 

Q: What were you doing during your  time away from screen? 

NG: So when I’m away from screen I like to learn Indian classical music.I like to watch tv , I also like to shop . I like to experiment with food and lots of things.  I also love sports and go for work every evening and yoga in morning so these are two important things in my life. I have interest in lot of things. Sometimes I go to Masaba’s office and sit there and see what she is doing. 

Q: How is your production company doing? Any project 

NG: I made a show long time back for TV but I’m looking for a platform for doing it. But mean time I’m enjoying my work. I have done a beautiful film named Gwalior.  I have a very small and sweet role in Ashmit Tiwari’s panga. I’m also waiting for release of film ‘the last colour’ which is very close to my heart film and it’s taking rounds of festivals right now but soon it will be released it’s directed by Vikas Khanna. Right now shooting for sooryavanshi. So quiet busy with all these projects and not thinking of directing. 

Q: How hard was to be a single mother especially in India?

NG: The journey was tough .Though I didn’t have a husband and relatives to support  and it was really tough, the joy of motherhood was immeasurable.

Q: Does your daughter think about joining film industry? 

NG: No, she made it herself whatever Masaba is today. I’m very proud of what she does and of her work. She is doing pretty well in that. She is working hard towards her brand becoming bigger and bigger and I wish her good luck. 

Q: How did you empower your daughter to meet the challenges of life? 

NG: Empower means child portrays and imitate whatever parents does and how they behave with others,  servants, your husband, brother your child is going to follow the same thing. You don’t preach him or her anything but they learn by what you give them . 

Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects. 

NG: As I told about my upcoming projects like I have completed my shoot for Gwalior, have done the last colour , panga, I have also done a web series for tvf called panchayat with Raghuveer Yadav. That’s also a very interesting role and story.  Right now I’m shooting for sooryavanshi which is a film of Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty where I’m playing Akshay’s mother , not a typical mother but something different and really sweet. 

Gwalior shooting is complete and the film is about this couple who are struggling with their old age.  They have lend money from people and and have to deal with financial crisis. The film is about their love story and how they sustain with each others support . Audience will definitely connect with their relationship in such difficult times. And how they are standing for each other.