India to be decisive partner of UK after Brexit; says Sajid Javid


LONDON: The Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP has said that the UK looked forward to working alongside India in this “newest strand of the tapestry which links the world’s oldest and the world’s largest democracies”. He paid tribute to the history of the relationship and the help from India with the largest volunteer force of 1 million soldiers in the Great Wars, this being a debt which can never be repaid.

He emphasised that the relationship and friendship had stood the test of time and both countries stand on firm foundations which together will build a shared future. He expressed these views while addressing a special dinner held in his honour and also for the Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam at the Taj Hotel on Wednesday (May 8) by the Conservative Friends of India (CoF India).

The Home Secretary addressed the importance of access to the UK for India, that there was a 35% increase in student numbers from India last year and the total number of skilled visas issued by the UK for skilled workers from India was greater than the number of visas the UK issued to the rest of world. He emphasised this as an example of “the living bridge ” between the UK and India and that the new visa system post Brexit which will assist further in welcoming India’s brightest and best.

The Home Secretary emphasised that India post-Brexit will be a decisive partner in furthering the joint success of UK and India. Sajid Javid MP started with congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their son. He further congratulated the Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam on her appointment and praised the High Commissioner “as a diplomat of extraordinary experience serving her country for over 40 years, holding a number of high profile roles in the International community and it was his honour to meet the High Commissioner.”

In the beginning of her speech, the Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam thanked the Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Nusrat Ghani MP, Iain Duncan Smith MP , Paul Scully MP, Parliamentarians ,Lords and Ladies, CF India, it’s Co-Chairman, Dr Rami Ranger CBE, its Patrons and Executive Committee.

She expressed her gratitude to the Home Secretary and for his commitment to the diaspora and how she really appreciated the time the Home Secretary had committed to this special function.

The High Commissioner highlighted the excellent, close and special relationship between India and UK, which is a multi-faceted relationship and based on key areas of political, economic, science, defence and many other areas of close cooperation. The High Commissioner highlighted how CF India carried out the important work of connecting with the diaspora in Britain.

Ruchi Ghanashyam expressed pride from the commitment of the guests to be part of the function. She mentioned as the Hon Prime Minister of India had said, “We have a living bridge which connects both countries , the diaspora in Britain brings benefits and benefits both countries.”

Nusrat Ghani MP, said how delighted she was to join the Conservative Friends of India as a Patron and highlighted how important the synergy between both great countries is, highlighting the opportunities that exist between India and UK in relation to Transport and other key infrastructure projects. Ghani MP introduced her Co-Minister for Transport and Aviation in the House of Lords Baroness Charlotte Vere of Norbiton.

She went onto praise the Home Security and the great work he is doing and how as a result the diaspora in Britain have become more engaged with the Conservative Party and how the Conservative Party is the Party of opportunity and allows you to achieve your aspirations.

Iain Duncan Smith MP, shared some highly entertaining snippets of his colourful and vast political experience and his affinity with India, with he himself being the first generation of his family after 200 years not to be born in India. He went on to say that it was a huge privilege to be at this special function and praised Sajid Javid MP, as a great Home Secretary and a great person.

Paul Scully MP, highlighted how India is currently carrying out the longest exercise in democracy and the opportunity for the UK to enhance and develop closer ties with India. He spoke of the value of the diaspora in Britain and the importance of social mobility for the benefit of the country, including the Indian diaspora’s contribution to key public services including the NHS and that Conservative values are shared by the Indian diaspora’s values.

Dr Ranger CBE thanked the Home Secretary for finding time out of his incredibly busy diary to attend the special dinner to celebrate the special relationship between the oldest and largest democracies of the world.

He highlighted the Home Secretary’s recent statement that, “Britain’s diversity is its strength” and reiterated the Conservative Party’s core values that“We the Conservative Party accept, respect and celebrate diversity”.

Dr Ranger welcomed the new High Commissioner Mrs Ruchi Ghanashyam and expressed the commitment of the Conservative Friends of India, in working to support the initiatives of the Indian High Commission and develop closer ties between the UK and India as well as with the Indian diaspora in the UK.

Dr Ravi Gidar, Patron of the Conservative Friends of India, introduced Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam and highlighted her vast experience of over 37 years, in the foreign and diplomatic core.

Dr Atul Pathak OBE, Patron the Conservative Friends of India, introduced the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid MP, and spoke of how the Home Secretary started from humble beginnings to excel both in his career in banking to his career as a “rising star” in politics.

Vote of thanks

The vote of thanks was delivered by Anil Sharma, Patron of the Conservative Friends of India. Mr Sharma thanked the Home Secretary for all his efforts and that the Conservative Friends of India are there to provide its full support. Cllr Reena Ranger conducted the proceedings of the event.