Shami says India can continue winning streak over Pakistan in WC


HYDERABAD: India bowler Mohammed Shami is of the view that India can continue their winning streak over Pakistan by securing victory against their traditional rival in the upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s Cricket World Cup.

“Our efforts will be there to maintain the record. It is the game. It can turn to any side. As our records are there, we guess that we continue the record and win and you get the chance to see the match,” Shami told ANI.

on Sunday.

Shami holds this belief as he is of the opinion that India has a ‘good combination’ of fast bowlers, spinners and batters, which will be beneficial for them in the quadrennial tournament. 

“We are having a good team for the World Cup. It is a good combination because we are having fast bowlers, spinners, and batters. It is important to know each other in the team,” he said.

“The team will be a benefit for us. Because everyone in the team knows each other’s skills. So our unit is very good,” Shami told ANI.

Shami said that players who are featuring in the World Cup squad have already been on the England tour. “It will, therefore, be helpful for them to read the conditions better.”

“I think that the players who have been selected for the World Cup have already been in England tour. They have witnessed the conditions there earlier. Everyone in the team knows what pitches we will get. It’s not much difficult for us to observe,” Shami said.

India will start their World Cup campaign against South Africa on June 5. (ANI)