Amazing beauty benefits of ghee


IF you love eating ghee in your food, then you would love to know how beneficial ghee is for the skin, but hey, if you hate it, you need to change your mind because you will be surprised to know the beauty benefits of good old ghee.

End of dry skin

If you fight dry skin all year around, ghee can come to your rescue. Take a few drops of ghee and apply on your skin. Just massage the ghee for a few minutes and it will soon develop a protective coating that will heal the dry skin and prevent the skin from drying in future.

Go wrinkle free

If you thought adding ghee just enhanced the flavour of the food, here’s news! It also helps your skin look more youthful. Well, it’s simple science, the Vitamin E present in ghee promotes anti-aging, so eating ghee on a regular basis will help your skin remain young and wrinkle free.

The best bath oil

Do you know that you can make the best bath oil with ghee? If you are fan of bath oils, you need to try this bath oil for sure. Just take 5 tablespoons of ghee and mix it with 10 drops of your favourite essential oil. Apply a few drops of this oil on your body after you take bath and you will be left with the softest skin ever.

Dull eyes

If you suffer from dull and tired eyes, you need to grab a jar of ghee and apply a few drops of it around your eyes. Make sure, the ghee does not land inside the eyes. Regular massage of ghee around eyes will make your eyes seem brighter than before.

Shiny lips

Since it’s a natural lubricant, ghee does the amazing job of keeping lips shiny and soft.