Abdul Rehman sentenced to two years for smuggling cannabis


MANCHESTER: A desperate businessman Mohammed Abdul Rehman, who got involved in a plot to try and smuggle £1.4m of cannabis into the UK, turned to a life of crime after his Northern Quarter dessert business failed, a court heard.

Mohammed Abdul Rehman, 25, from Didsbury, is now starting a two year prison sentence after police watched on as the drugs were transferred from a lorry into his Fiat Doplo van in Gloucestershire, Manchester Online has reported.

Gloucester Crown Court heard that Abdulrehman, who has no previous convictions, was £15,000 in debt after his business failed.

He accepted the job as a drugs courier to start to repay the money he owed, his barrister said. Abdul Rehman went to collect cannabis from a Dutch lorry driver in the Travelodge car park just off the A417, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire Live reported.

John Lader’s HGV contained a number of boxes which initially appeared to be part of a legitimate business to transport flowers. But the boxes actually contained cannabis which had been vacuum packed to prevent it from smelling and alerting the authorities.

Prosecutors said the lorry contained 141 kilograms of cannabis, which had a potential street value of £1.4million. Abdul Rehman was set to receive 47kg of the drug, and Lader was planning to make a further four drops later that day.

The court accepted that Lader believed the boxes he was transporting from Holland contained illicit tobacco, not cannabis.