Screening of 2 Band Radio in London


By Faz Zia

Last week was all about UK Asian Film Festival and celebrated its 21 year and this festival is the best platform for the Asian and international audiences in UK because of its long standing reputation over the years.

Rahat Kazmi’s film 2 Band Radio had a screening on the 6th of April at the Watermans Art centre and film was appreciated by the large audience and the press.

Film was produced by Rahat Kazmi films, Tariq Khan productions and Zeba Sajid films and co-production by UK based company Rian Rai Motion Pictures.

The film is relevant today’ time because it portrays a satire on the present generation who equate status to possessing luxuries and Instagram followers at the cost of personal happiness and relationships.  Perhaps the radio in the 1970’s was the same catalyst that gadgets are today.

The story is based on a real life incident involving two neighbours and their desire to purchase a radio for the purpose of elevating their social status amongst society.

It was a great story and it shows either we lived in 70’s or now in 2019 we are still status and society conscious we are buying things at any cost to show other that we are better then them either to buy car, house or designer wear we are slaves of materialistic world where inner happiness disappeared. Audience liked the subject and appreciate the effort of director and production team.