Bidita Bag – Professional model and actress


By Faz Zia

Bidita Bag is an Indian actress and a professional model. She has a varied portfolio when it comes to print advertisements, TV commercials and films. She is mostly known for her inclination towards socio-political films. 

She was last seen in babumoshai bandukbaaz along with nawazuddin siddique.  Bidita Bag will be seen as Hema Malini’s body double.

Actress Bidita Bag who was last seen in Babumoshae bandookbaaz with Nawaz uddin now coming with another project a web film called “the sholey girl” which will be streaming on Zee5 on 4th march. Directed by aditya Sarpotdar and produced by Zee and Purple Morning Pictures.

Talking about her role Bidita shared, “I am doing the biopic of Reshma Pathan who did the stunts for Hema Malini in film “sholey”. I am playing the role India’s first stunt woman Reshma Pathan.  And I was always in search of this kind of roles. I took training in marshal arts in 2018.” 

 Now Teaser has released and it starts with Iconic footage of Sholay where Hema malini is seen riding taanga and  taanga topples then we see me(Bidita Bag) was riding that Taanga. I really want Hema Malini ji to watch this film and share film’s impression with me.And I saw that Iconic taanga scene atleast 100 times to perceive the role”.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of its first anniversary the OTT platform, ZEE5 launched 72 original shows in six different languages on Thursday.Several digital shows like ‘Mirror’, ‘The Final Call’, ‘Bandit Queena’, ‘Hutatma’, ‘Poison’ will be releasing throughout the year, along with the new seasons of the popular web series like ‘Rangbaaz’ and ‘Karenjit Kaur’.

Talking about the film ‘The Sholey Girl’ lead actress Bidita Bag told IANS here: “I am playing the character of Reshma Pathan who was the first ever stunt woman of Indian cinema. As a child, I was very curious to know who does all the action for women. It is wonderful that I have got a chance to narrate the story of such a brave woman who was way ahead of her time.”

Bollywood actors and filmmakers like Arjun Rampal, Pooja Bhatt, Guneet Monga, Arbaaz Khan, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Goldie Behl among others attended the event.

Talking about ‘377: Aab normal’ digital film, Maanvi Gangroo said: “The story of our film revolves around the decriminalization of the Act 377 and how a few characters of the film go through the journey. I am playing a lesbian character, which is very different from all my earlier work.”

Asked about if making more films on homosexuality can resolve the issue of homophobia, she said, “Though there is law decriminalising homosexuality, it will take time to change people’s mind. Homophobia exists as a result of lack of knowledge and awareness.

“I think since entertainment is one of the popular forms that we all consume; these contents will be instrumental in bringing about a change. Right representation of LGBTQ community is important.”

“Hutatma” is a Marathi web series featuring Anjali Patil and Vaibhav Tatvavadi.

The story of the show is set in the 1960s when the movement for a united Maharashtra took place. Back then Maharashtra, Gujarat and a part of Mysore were one state which later separated based on language.”

“Our film is a fictional story based on the real-life incident,” he added.

The ‘Newton’ famed actress Anjali is playing a pivotal role in the show and according to her, this is one of the interesting characters she has in her career.

“With my character Vidyut, I have traveled with time to an era and lived an important part of our history. Those days, women were strong yet vulnerable, and their body language was very different,” said the National Award-winning actress.