7 step treatment to get over acne


ACNE is a skin condition where the oil glands that are present at the base of your hair follicles get blocked due to excess oil and dead skin. Acne is common and causes spots normally called pimples or ‘zits’ and normally found on face, neck and back says dermatologist Dr Batul Patel.
These may be whiteheads, blackheads and also inflamed pus-filled spots. There are many acne treatment options from oral medication to laser acne treatments to peels. The most commonly occurring acne is called ‘acne vulgaris’.

One should opt for an anti acne program called ‘Acne Freedom Program’. This is a seven step treatment program to get rid of acne and acne marks.
It is extremely important to properly cleanse the face to remove all the makeup and accumulated dirt. In a clinic we use an active cleaner containing vitamin C & vitamin A. We apply this by gently massaging the face to maximize penetration and relax the facial muscles. This helps to clean the skin and simultaneously also hydrate the skin.
Hydradermabrasion is a crystal free exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and simultaneously infuse and bath the skin gently in water.
This involves apply a carbon peel and using an advanced Q switched laser to heat the carbon and disperse it to rejuvenate the skin and to control the acne quickly. This helps to give a fantastic glow to the face and make it look brighter.
We carefully clean the gland and extract the closed clogged pores clearing the skin of all infection.

We gold toning with an advanced Q-switched laser which will leave your skin cleaner and fresher giving you a natural looking skin while reducing the inflammation and redness.

Black peel which made from black rice is a mixture of salicylic acid and jasmonic acid which helps to improve various skin problems like acne, pigmentary problems and also used for cysts. It reduces all the painful inflammatory acne lesions in just one sitting.

Lastly a brightening mask containing ingredients like seaweed is applied to give a fantastic glow to the face.