Bradford meeting declares support to Kashmiri people


BRADFORD: Kashmir Solidarity Conference, hosted by Sardar Abdul Hafeez President Tehreek e Kashmir North, was held at the Mayfield centre Broadway venue.  The basicaim of the conference was to show solidarity with people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Speaking as Chief Guest, Imran Hussain MP, the Shadow Minister of Justice said that Kashmiri people are struggling for their future and destiny. This is very crucial time as life and death for Kashmiri people.

“We are with these oppressed people whose only ‘crime’ is to demand their basic right of determination which is not a crime but a fundamental right and we fully support them in their just struggle”, he added.

It may be mentioned here that Tehreek-e-Kashmir announced the solidarity week commencing 5th Feb and organised a number of events and demonstrations in the UK and Europe. The last event, the Kashmir Solidarity conference was held in Bradford.

The keynote speakers were the President Tehreek e Kashmir Europe Mohammed Ghalib, President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Fahim Kiani, Hafiz Mohammed Azad, Nazir Ahmed Qureshi, Haji Mohammed Ramzan, Razzaq Bhatti, Asif Khan, Arqam ul Haadi, Dr Ashfaq Lone, Azad Jarral, Umer Hussain and others.

They expressed their views and stated that the Kashmir issue is a very sensitive point so we should handle it fully equipped with knowledge. They condemned the human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir and informed the international community to stop supporting violations in Jammu & Kashmir and to convert this to a peaceful struggle against violations.

Tehreek e Kashmir leadership gave presentations on their ongoing work in Kashmir and announced a way forward on how we can convert this strong struggle using dialogue reading and writing in to action and performance.

(Report and pictures by S.M. Irfan Tahir)