“Thrill seeking” taxi drivers jailed after injuring a woman


MANCHESTER: Two “thrill-seeking” taxi drivers have been jailed after being involved in a horror crash which has left a mum barely able to walk. According to a Manchester Online report,  Mohamed Haq, 26, and Muazzem Husain, 25, were both “showing off” in “high performance” rented cars and were doing more than double the speed on limit one of Oldham’s main roads when they were involved in a three-way smash with the innocent woman’s Toyota Yaris.

She broke her back in what was has been a “life changing injury” as she still been been unable to go back to work or properly look after her children a court heard as the men were sent down for a year and 10 months.

Haq and Husain, both from Chester, were guests at the same wedding in Oldham town centre on April 10 last year and had hired cars for the occasion the court was told – Haq a White BMW M3 and Husain a grey Jaguar E-Pace.

However they both contributed to the “devastating” collision as they left and sped along Manchester Street where it becomes Manchester Road after passing the King Street roundabout just after 7pm.

The 39 year-old mum-of-two was heading to drop off some food for her husband who worked at the Shell Garage close to the scene of the crash, when she was struck.

The court was told taxi driver Husain approached “directly behind” her at around 55mph however slammed his brakes on as they approached traffic lights and then tried to overtake on the outside.

However he wasn’t aware Haq, also a private hire driver by profession, who was travelling behind him had moved into the outside lane to try and overtake both of them and was at that point travelling at around 82mph in the 30mph zone

After a previous court hearing a judge ruled out any suggestion the pair were racing. However he said it was clear that they were “showing off” and “thrill seeking” in the vehicles.

They were both also banned from driving for 30 months which will begin when they are released at the half way point of their 22 month sentences.