Alex Hales in ‘self-isolation’ after developing fever and cough


LONDON: After the abrupt postponement of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) by Pakistan Cricket Board in Lahore on Tuesday amid reports of an overseas cricketer carrying symptoms of the coronavirus, England batsman Alex Hales, who represented Karachi Kings, came forward to confirm that he did carry a few symptoms and had gone into self-isolation after reaching his home country.

However, Hales clarified that he is yet to be tested for coronavirus and only that will confirm his status. “In the light of the speculation and rumour that is currently circulating within the cricket world and on social media, I felt I needed to give a full explanation of my situation,” Hales said.

“Like many other overseas players, I reluctantly left the Pakistan Super League early because, with COVID-19 reaching global pandemic status, I felt it was more important to be with my family rather than face a period of lockdown thousands of miles from home.

“I returned to the UK in the early hours of Saturday morning feeling perfectly fit and healthy and with absolutely no symptoms of the virus. However, I awoke early on Sunday morning having developed a fever and followed the government’s advice of self-isolation, a process I am obviously still following having developed a dry and persistent cough.

“At this stage, it has not been possible to be tested although I am hopeful that might be the case later today so that I can get absolute confirmation of my current health status.”

The 31-year-old Hales has played 11 Tests, 70 one-dayers and 60 Twenty20 matches for England since making his international debut in 2011.

Ramiz Raja claims

Pakistan’s former Test captain and commentator Ramiz Raja on Tuesday claimed that England’s Alex Hales might have shown symptoms of the dreaded COVID-19 before flying back midway through the now-postponed Pakistan Super League (PSL).

But there was no news based on denial or confirmation from Alex’s end.
Raja made the statement while talking to the media in Lahore after the PSL was postponed on the day of its semifinal matches and a day before the final. As a precautionary measure, all PSL players and broadcasters are now being tested for the virus. …
Hales, who played for Karachi Kings in the league, left early for the home with other English players after the outbreak of the virus in Pakistan. “What I know is that he is yet to have tests but we don’t know whether the symptoms he has is of  Corona or not. But we all now need to be very cautious and obviously adopt a common sense approach to deal with this problem,” Raja said.
The 31-year-old Hales, a right-handed opener, has reportedly gone into self-isolation after reaching England.

Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan also said that a foreign player, who participated in the league, is suspected to have coronavirus. Khan did not reveal the name of the player or if he is currently in Pakistan.
Most of the 34 foreign players, who took part in the PSL, began heading home last week after the PCB said it would not stop anyone from withdrawing from the league due to the Coronavirus fears.