Imran Khan Pakistanis to come out on Feb 5 in support of Kashmir cause


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged Pakistanis, both at home and abroad, to come out on February 5 in support of the eight million Kashmiris and their just cause.

In a tweet message, he said Kashmiris have been besieged by nine hundred thousand soldiers of India’s fascist Modi regime for almost six months.

He tweeted, “ I want Pakistanis at home and abroad to come out on 5th Feb in support of the 8 million Kashmiris who have been besieged by 900k Indian soldiers for almost 6 months by the fascist racist Modi regime.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan has said that the world is now admitting the domination of  anti-democratic   ideology of Indian PM Modi in India.

In his message on social networking site twitter PM while giving a link of cover page of well known international weekly magazine “The Economist” at which article with the headline of “Intolerant India” has been published saying that how Modi is endangering the world’s biggest democracy.

PM wrote, “The world is now acknowledging the anti-democratic and fascist ideology being imposed in the India and in J&K. This is the biggest threat to regional peace and stability. Already 8 million Kashmiri’s & Muslims in India are suffering because of Modi fascist policies”.

In another tweet, Imran Khan has said the world has begun to acknowledge the “anti-democratic and fascist ideology” being imposed by the Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India-held Kashmir as well as the whole country.

“This is the biggest threat to regional peace and stability. Already, eight million Kashmiris and Muslims in India are suffering because of Modi’s fascist policies,” Mr Khan said in a tweet in which he also shared the cover of the British magazine The Economist titled ‘Intolerant India: How Modi is endangering the world’s biggest democracy’.

In its latest issue, The Economist has highlighted the situation in India after the passage of the controversial citizenship law which has made 200 million Indian Muslims fearful of becoming stateless sparking nationwide protests.