Tariq Qureshi walked free from court after admitting five charges of common assault


MANCHESTER: A disgraced maths teacher kissed an 11-year old girl during classes after he got himself a teaching job whilst banned for inappropriate conduct towards pupils at a Bolton school.

According to a Manchester Online report, Tariq Qureshi, 59, who had been prohibited from teaching for three years after he stroked one’s girl arm, told other pupils he had fallen in love with her and said he was getting a divorce from his wife.

But despite being told he had to apply for his old job back after the ban expired, Qureshi apparently failed to do so and landed a post at a secondary school in Stockport, where staff unaware of his history.

He was reported to police by a colleague after he kissed and hugged a year 11 pupil as she left class and told a second girl she was ”gorgeous.” At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Qureshi faced five charges of sexual assault but walked free with a 12 month community order after prosecutors accepted his guilty pleas to the lesser offences of common assault.

The father of two denied the original allegations – insisting he had no sexual interest in the children. Qureshi was hauled before a Professional Conduct Panel in February 2013 after complaints from pupils at St Catherine’s Academy, in Bolton, where he taught between 2009 and 2011. One girl aged 15 said Qureshi greeted her in a corridor with the words “Hello Darling” in a funny accent and stroked her arm.

He also tickled her on the waist from behind when she had been locked in a classroom with him by another pupil and tapped her on the head with exercise books and rulers. He had also slapped another female pupil on the back of the legs with a ruler.