India working for short, long term measures to strengthen economy; Modi


NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the BJP-led government was working towards short-term and long-term measures to boost the economy and these will benefit the present as well as the coming generations.    

 “The work is on to take short-term and long-term measures to strengthen the Indian economy. Decisions are being taken that will not only benefit the present generation but the next generations as well,” Modi said at an event here.

He said that an environment has been created to work with integrity and transparency in the country. “This environment has provided the country the courage to set big goals for itself and achieve them on time,” Modi said.

 “We have made efforts to ensure that the Indian industry moves forward without fear in a transparent environment and creates wealth for the country and itself. More than 1,500 old laws have been abolished to ensure that industrialists are not trapped,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the government is working to ensure investment of over Rs 100 lakh crore for creating 21st-century infrastructure in the country and bringing ease of living. “Initiatives have been taken to promote innovation in India and that has seen us jump 20 ranks on the Global Innovation Index in just 5 years. We’ve been one of the top FDI-attracting countries in the last few years and it is an achievement,” the Prime Minister said.

He urged entrepreneurs not to let negativity impact them and move forward with renewed energy.

“Today’s India wants swifter transactions with more use of technology. In just three years, the widening network of UPI has made it come true. Today, the country is doing safe transactions 24X7,” he said.

He said about Rs 9 lakh crore were transacted through UPI in 2018-19. “Till December this financial year, about Rs 15 lakh crore were transacted through UPI. You can guess how fast the country is adopting digital transactions,” he added. (ANI)