Rugby player cleared of manslaughter in Hussain’s death


CAMBRIDGE: The family of a teenager who died on a night out has warned about “the damage that one punch can do”. Benyamin Hussain, 18, died from a catastrophic brain injury after being hit while visiting a school friend in Cambridge on 15 November 2018.

According to a BBC report, a rugby player was cleared of manslaughter by a jury, having claimed he acted in self-defence. Mr Hussain’s father, Shabir, said he believed “people don’t realise how much their own power can do” with a punch. They might punch someone 100 times but the 101st time they could end up killing someone,” he added.

Benyamin Hussain, also known as Beny, had travelled up to Cambridge from his home in Watford and went on a night out in the city’s Revolution bar. But he suffered fatal injuries when the back of his head hit the pavement near a bus stop on St Andrew’s Street in the early hours of the morning. He died in hospital later that day.

His father, whose taxi firm he worked for, said his eldest son (of three) would “always be smiling, laughing and joking”. “I had to be tough with him as a boss at work but sometimes when I’m being tough he lightens the mood and gets me to calm down,” added Mr Hussain.

He believes that “foundations should be laid in school” through the use of pictures, videos and stories, about the impact of violence. “Police often go to schools and they talk about drugs and knives and they should also tell people about the damage that one punch can do,” he said.