Robber Alex faces jail for life over stabbing to death shop keeper Ravi


LONDON: A masked robber who stabbed a shopkeeper to death in the midst of a “one-man crimewave” is facing life in prison.  Alex Gunn, 31, ambushed 54-year-old Ravi Katharkamar from behind as he sorted the Sunday papers at his Marsh food and Wine store in Pinner.  

Seeking the shop’s takings, Gunn put a knife to Mr Katharkamar’s throat before stabbing him through the heart and fleeing with the till. According to Evening Standard, Alex Gunn, a drug addict, used a stolen car to drive to the robbery and was identified by police as the killer thanks to a string of other crimes he committed. 

He had taken the getaway car, a Vauxhall Astra, during a burglary two weeks before the murder on March 24, and raided two more homes after the killing before he was finally caught, still driving the same vehicle.

Prosecutor William Emlyn Jones told the Old Bailey trial Gunn was responsible for “what might be called a one-man crimewave”. 

Describing the murder, he said Gunn had been wearing a mask and gloves when he attacked Mr Katharkamar in an “awful escalation of the violence”. “There was no waving the knife and saying ‘give us your money’ – from the word go the violence inflicted on Mr Katharkamar is at the utmost level”, he said. Ultimately, to get away with the till, the defendant stabbed and killed that shopkeeper.”

A jury found Gunn, from Pinner, guilty of murder, four counts of burglary, three counts of theft, one count of robbery and two counts of having an article with a blade. He will be jailed for life at a sentencing hearing on Friday. 

Gunn, who claimed at trial he was buying drugs at the time of the murder, was remanded in custody until sentencing. He had denied all the charges, except pleading guilty to driving while disqualified.