‘Badhai Ho’ actor playing corrupt politician in ‘lootcase’


By Faz Zia

Bollywood Actor Gajraj Rao who was last seen in Badhai ho will be seen in ‘Lootcase’ which releasing on 11th October and directed by Rajesh Krishnan. 

On talking about the film, he said; ‘Lootcase’ is a roller coaster ride with greed at the story’s crux. I feel it is one of the most basic emotions that all of us can connect with, and the film explores how money exposes the flaws and frailties of one’s character. Greed can transform anyone’s life overnight, like a googly that can stump even the best batsman.”

Explaining about his role, he was of the view; “My character, MLA Patil, is an all-powerful corrupt politician with connections to the underworld and has the top policemen on his payroll. He seems like the biggest shark in the sea who is feared by everyone, and yet there are even bigger fish in the sea who keep him in check as you would see in the film.”

On sharing his experience on working with co-actors, he said; “It was a fantastic experience working with the cast with stellar actors like the amazing Vijay Raaz. I thoroughly enjoyed my scenes with him. It was a delight to work with Ranvir Shorey as well, with his unique and quirky brand of humour.  We had a great equation within the cast especially with the kind of improvisation that we were able to do in the scenes. The trailer of the film has been released.