Need to give love and respect to people in J&K to take over rest of Kashmir: Governor Malik


SRINAGAR: J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik has said that development of the State should prompt a clamour among residents in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to join India. Addressing a function here, he said for the past two weeks some Ministers have been talking about taking back PoK from Pakistan by force.
“I have been seeing from the past 10 to 15 days that many of our Ministers, who do not get to talk on International matters, have been repeatedly talking about invading PoK, taking back PoK. My belief is that if PoK is next target, we can take it on the basis of development of Jammu and Kashmir”, he said.

“If we can give love and respect to people of Jammu and Kashmir and secure the future of their children, bring development and prosperity, I can guarantee that within a year or so there will be a revolt in PoK and you will get it without a confrontation … the residents of PoK will on their own say that they want to come to this side. This is my roadmap for PoK,” the Governor said.
He urged the people of the country to treat people from Kashmir with love and respect. He said officers have been placed in every State to help the Kashmiri students.”There are 22,000 Kashmiri students studying in different States of the country and they should be treated with love. People of Kashmir should be treated with love and respect,” he added.
He said the Roshni scheme has apparently turned out to be a Rs 25,000 crore scam. “The implementation of the scheme has been such that it has proved to be a Rs 25,000 crore scam … When I came here, the first thing I did was to end the Roshni scheme and we have handed the Roshni cases to Anti Corruption Bureau for investigation,” he said.
Malik said the Government has taken steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply to Jammu and Srinagar cities from this winter.