Pak foreign missions, mosques and community centres playing active role to highlight Kashmir issue


LONDON: Heat of tensions between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue has started feeling in the UK and other European countries where demonstration in solidarity and integrity to Kashmiri people have become a matter of routine.

At the advice of Foreign Ministry under the director instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan High Commission in London and four consulates in Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and Glasgow and in other countries are playing active part in building up tempo to muster the support for Kashmiri people. As per plan, big gatherings will be held at all Pak foreign missions worldwide on every Friday for indefinite period.

Mosques and Pak community centres are on forefront in highlighting the Kashmir issue and this subject dominates everyday in five-time prayer sermons particularly the ‘Friday sermon’ in every mosque.

Members of Sikh community especially the activists of ‘Khalistan’ are in full support and are seen in protests and demonstrations by Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora. In London and Birmingham on Saturday, they were present in good size of number.

Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed at the High Commission in London and in all four Pak consulates on Friday. A large number of Pakistani Community, friends of Pakistan from other communities attended the congregations to show their solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

At PHC, London, photos reflecting Indian atrocities against defenceless Kashmiris in IoK were displayed at the prayer area. At Friday Prayer, a collective Dua (prayer) was offered for the Kashmiris. Muslim residents of the UK belonging to various countries also joined.

In his brief address on the occasion, the High Commissioner, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria informed the gathering that Kashmir is an internationally recognised issue. There are UN Security Council Resolutions which call for Kashmiris’ right to self-determination under a UN supervised plebiscite, he said. The High Commissioner added that the UNSC Resolutions do not allow any party to change the status of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), which India has blatantly violated.

“Mr Zakaria informed the people about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in IoK. “They have been cut off from the outside world since 25 days, he mentioned with deep concern. Mr. Zakaria threw light on the sufferings of Kashmiri Muslims in IoK, who faced genocide of hundreds of thousands, dozens of massacres, mass blinding and other crimes against humanity at the hands of Indian occupation forces. He said, all these crimes perpetrated by the Indian forces are documented. He referred to the reports of International People’s Tribunal, Amnesty International, OHCHR, HRW and coverage in the international media.

“The worsening human rights situation needed attention of the international community, the High Commissioner emphasised. He reiterated Pakistan’s unflinching political, diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiris”, he added.