Hassan jailed for smuggling drugs in celebrations tubs


MAIDENHEAD: A man who tried to export more than 5,000 MDMA tablets in tubs of sweets has been jailed for eight years. Hassan Akhtar attempted to send £70,000 worth of the Class A drugs to Pakistan using courier service DHL.

Police said the drugs were discovered by the postal company in tubs of Celebrations chocolates and Akhtar was later identified by CCTV footage, BBC has reported.

The 64-year-old, of Cornwall Close, Maidenhead, was sentenced on Monday after being convicted in July. Akhtar was convicted of fraudulent evasion of a prohibition – a smuggling offence – following a five-day trial.

Det Sgt Rob Hood said the defendant was “clearly looking to profit” from selling drugs and “thought by concealing them in chocolate tubs that they would not be detected”.