Congregation in solidarity to Kashmiri people


LONDON: Cllr Qaisar Abbas Gondal (General Secretary, UK-Pakistan Kashmiri Councillors Forum South England), organised a special gathering in solidarity with the people of Kashmir, in which people from different communities participated.  A minute’s silence was also observed.

On the occasion, Cllr Qaiser Abbas said that our hearts beat with the oppressed Kashmiris.  We will continue to raise the voice of Kashmir peacefully on every forum. He further said that we oppose all forms of violence and the time for Kashmir’s independence has come. 

Mr. Hassan Ashraf, Principal Waltham College, said it was time to end the politics of hate in the world. Leading lawyer Shafiq Chaudhry said that the Kashmir issue is a question mark for humanity.  Sheikh Rizwan Anjum said that we are with the oppressed.  Miss Maria Anova said the UN’s behaviour over Kashmir is miserable.