Samir Kochhar tells about Season-2


By Faz Zia

Indian TV host and actor Samir Kochhar is very happy with his on-going web journey. After debuting with ALTBalaji’s Test Case and then doing Sacred Games, he is now back with Netflix horror series, Typewriter, and Sacred Games-2.

Starting with Typewriter, Samir says, “It was a pleasure working with such a talented director like Sujoy Ghosh. Despite the long sched, dada was always cool and in control of things, knowing exactly what he wanted from each of his actors.”

Here is his exclusive sentiments in an interview, Samir admitted that his infidel husband character’s graph will only open in Season 2. “That was how the story was structured.”

Q: Tell me about your character in Sacred Games season 2

SK: “I am part of the Intelligence Bureau and there is a revelation about the build-up in season one and how everyone is involved into solving the mystery, and there’s a lot of chaos. Markand is also part of finding out what is happening in the entire process of this case. So, it was a lot of fun because there is a lot of action involved and high-intensity scenes”.

Q: How was experience to work with Saif Ali Khan?

SK: Saif is fantastic! Most of my scenes are with him. He’s been in the industry for such a long time, and is very cool, and a nice guy. He’s intelligent and also really funny. From getting ready for a shot to doing the scenes together, it was a lot of fun. I look forward to feeling this experience once again with somebody who has been here for so many years. Sharing screen space with him was a great experience.

Q: Having been part of television shows and films, how different is digital? 

SK: Digital space is a fantastic medium. Many filmmakers and talented writers are coming up with out-of-the-box ideas and stories. People are making interesting scripts. Audiences are already binge-watching shows. Personally, as an actor, I don’t approach any of it differently. Whether you are on a film set or a television set, if you are doing an acting job, you have to be true to your role. I’m really enjoying as I’m getting some wonderful roles and some great shows to be part of. It’s a great time when content like this is coming out. We are also making our content reach the world by putting out some great shows like Sacred Games and other wonderful shows. I’m really happy with the way things are moving forward. I don’t look at things differently, I consider doing what I have always been doing i.e., to perform the role well. 

Q: What holds your love – acting or anchoring? 

SK: I would like to say acting. Anchoring is a part of my life – be it sports broadcasting or other shows like ‘Survivors’ that I have done as a host or anchor. The thrill of portraying a character and getting it right is such a joy. Also, learning a craft is another aspect on a daily basis whenever you are on the set and working with talented directors. I am really enjoying the purpose of acting currently. However, that being said, I am also hosting IPL, Crick Buzz (on Digital platform). I continue to anchor and do live shows. But I’m thoroughly enjoying this phase of my life (acting).

Q: Your upcoming projects?

SK: I am doing one for Amazon right now, which I am currently shooting and it is a sophomore season. I was just shooting for the same and a few more days of shoot are left. I have also signed another big one (digital show), which I am not allowed to talk about right now.